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Why Choose Us?

Unparalleled Speed

If you need to find a new hire as quickly as possible, we are the firm for you. Expect a flurry of activity as we work around the clock to find the best passive candidates that fit your needs. Our approach works best on urgent roles that need to be filled within three to six weeks, so if you are serious about making that vital hire, then so are we!

Our Approach

We always have our clients’ best interests at heart and we keep the number of roles that we work on at any one time to a minimum to ensure focus on you… And to guarantee results.

Search And Rescue

What also sets us apart from our competition is our award-winning commitment to improving the skills of those that you don’t hire. We not only find you the best talent for today, but we are also committed to improving the skills of the workforce of tomorrow.

Search & Rescue


Firstly we spend vital time with you to understand exactly what you are looking for in a perfect candidate – both the tangible and intangible attributes. At the same time we find out more about your company, its culture and what you can offer a candidate to ensure a perfect match!

Search & Shortlist

We use our vast network and Search Intelligence to cast a wide net and find as many relevant candidates as possible. We then work hard to teach them about the opportunity while whittling down the candidate list to present you with only the very best to choose from.

Review & Interview

Once we have confirmed your favourite candidates, we then organize interviews, travel plans and everything else you need to support your selection process – we even take care of the reference checks for you!


No-one likes it when a deal falls through, so once you have made your final decision, we make sure that everything is in order to secure your favourite candidate. We are always there to help when you need it so you can get back to working on what matters most – your business!


After the hire is completed we keep in touch to ensure that both candidate and employer are happy with their decision. This is backed up with our Oxford Lock guarantee.


Oxford Lock – Executive Search and Rescue not only ensure that we find the best candidates for your firm but we also improve the skills of those who didn’t make the cut. By engaging us on a search you are making a sustainable improvement on the talent pool of tomorrow.

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We are expert recruiters with decades of experience in the industry. We partner with top companies like yours to navigate the challenges of hiring and find the top candidates your growing organization deserves. 

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help fill your vacant positions fast and completely risk-free – we don’t get paid unless you hire our candidates! 

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